I have explored the emotion of Āśuyā translated it means Intolerance, Jealousy, Envy washing over me with this bust. Sculpted in monster clay and sculptex because monster clay was over. 

 Envy is the white snake comes out of the back of the head and takes a grip over me. Shown with the snake gripping the hair. 
The emotion taking over is symbolized by the dynamic snake texture of the skin as it starts to transform me. After it takes over my mind, it is then seen heading towards my heart, symbol of goodness, to spread its venom and take full control. This is symbolized with stylized veins near the chest.

Other symbols include strong muscular back to signify one's strength in adversity, the skin texture showing age signifies wisdom.

This character is inspired conceptually by "Fear Monster" in the show Locke and Key, where fear was personified in the plot. 

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  • Brilliant work
    Love the sculpture texture work
    Extremely inspiring 

    Superbly done Chitra..
  • Amazing sculpture and an engaging write up.

  • Fantastic sculpting! The concept is so relevant in today's picture perfect world driven by social media where you constantly find yourself lacking in comparison to your perfect feed.

    I love the detailing and the eyes speak to me as the demon of jealousy takes over. It's the look in the eyes.

    The hair is so well done. Wonder how she managed to get it to gold with such volume. Speaks of the mastery of the sculptor. :bows down to the artist:

    Love love love the work!!
  • The sculpture brings depth and meaning to the words of the artist. The detailing is fantastic and has so many nuances that make it complete. Those traces of strength which brings one back to their original form are represented so thoughtfully.
    The Asuya which can only be seen from some angles makes this such a true representation of real life. I commend the artist for such a layered translation of human emotions into this remarkable sculpture.

    Fantastic job and look forward to seeing more.!
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    Additional pictures of higher resolution and quality
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