Wearable latex face mask with cloth hood.

This ghostly guy began as a project to push my creativity. I've made a few masks based on other artist's concepts but wanted to create something that was my own from the start.

I started working on several small monster clay sketches with no clear ideas in mind, and this was one of them:

I liked where it was going, but didn't feel like going with the generic "zombie" look this maquette had. I figured he might make an interesting ghost though. A little sharpening and twisting of the features and...

With that done it, I moved on to familiar territory with a hydrocal mold and latex casting. This was, however, my first time painting with an airbrush. I learned a lot and I'll definitely learn more next time.

The hood was just a piece of dark blue fabric from the craft store washed and dried to distress it and lend some texture. 

Thanks for looking!

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