Pacific Mermaid

Based on the board game Betrayal At The House On The Hill haunt #36 Better With Friends, but I am giving it a little twig with The Handmaiden (2016 Korean Movie) flavor.

"A group of tourists are visiting a fusion mansion in South Korea, not knowing it is actually haunted by a pacific Mermaid until someone triggers the haunt.... What’s that shiny thing on the tatami mat?!

......They better run, before the whole mansion is flooded."

Builds include:
3 encapsulated silicone pieces, a set of fish fins and tails on a pair of painted leggings, a 5’x12’ ocean waves foldable screen (hand painted), a 4’x8’ tatami mat (hand painted)
Design & Build & Application by Ying-Syuan Zeng
Models / Cordia Rhoades
Photographer / Shannon Bartos
Costume Coordinator / Molly Doan

Some work in progress photos:

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