Worm Baby

Going into it, I had no idea what I wanted to make. My ideas tend to develop as I push and pull the clay around with my hands. So, an accidental, bulky addition of clay on the occipital lobe, a flattened, blank face, and an elongated neck somehow screamed ‘worm’ to me in its early stages, and my ideas took off from there. The baby, dare you ask? I decided to incorporate baby features into it, in order to challenge myself with human anatomy and sculpt the weird, smushed features that all babies have. Worms creep me out, and newborns just look creepy, in a somewhat adorable way... And there you have it, the marriage of the worm and the baby.

•Molded and casted in Smooth On Dragon Skin FX and 10 series and backed with expanding foam. Airbrushed with Psycho Paint and Silc Pig. Eyes made and casted out of resin. 

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