"Vorgotten Granny"- My Entry for the CSC 2022

Kai RottmannKai Rottmann ✭✭✭✭
Hey there :-)

This  is my   Entry  to the  Character Sculpting Contest 2022 :

The vorgotten Granny.

It is  an admonishing example for what happens if   nursing professions wouldnt exist- Many old people who are on their own would  run wild.

Thoughts and  pictures  of  neglected  people   have inspired  me to create  this special character.   
I also like  this kind of Horror- Characters and i decided to   give her a rotten and mummified touch until near- death. 

The Granny  is  done in mixed media. 

Her  body is a  cheap plastic- skeleton  which i  have built together and fixed the ankles in some dynamic positions to give it more movement. 

I tried to  sculpt muscle tissue "nearly  anatomically correct" with cotton and covered it with latex  to create the whole body. 
The goal was to create rotten and dried  flesh.

Then i sculpted the head inWED Clay EM 217 and did an epoxy  negative   mold for beeing able to cast silicone into it. 

Once the silicone cast was ready i started painting  and   did the finish by weathering the punched  hair. 
Then i painted the epoxy  eyes.   I  glued   reflection foil   onto the irises to give them  the "Cateye- reflecion" and finished  them up by creating a cataract  over it.  

After weathering the costume  and give it some touch ups, Granny was ready for her first shooting  in the basement- showing her mummyfied nosetip.

The creation of this character was a  heart- soul- thing  and i did it very exessive with  a lot of energy. 
It really made a lot of fun and the completion gave me inner peace.

  And its a nice  Halloween oder  Horrormovie- decoration, isnt it? :-) 

I hope you like her :-)

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