Arnold SchwarzeneggerT2 Bust (Life-sized)

Hi, I'm Brandon from New Zealand, I could not afford to purchase a life-sized bust of the Terminator, I decided to learn how to make my own (although I now know it would have been cheaper to buy one already made, but what fun is that?). I used my own head dimensions to determine the size and then used references online of Arnold Schwarzenegger, pretty much all I l could get my hands on, especially those from Queen Studios. They had some really clear images of their T800. This is my first bust I have created, I'm pretty new to sculpting.  I decided to create my own écorché during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown. It was to support my learning for my interests in oil painting portraits. However, I fell in love with the process and have continued to learn how to sculp while I also continue my painting journey. I have to acknowledge James Cameron and Stan Winston Studios for the character they created, as clearly this is not my design  :D .   

May the best person WIN!!


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