Stranger Things Demogorgon - Character Sculpting Contest 2022

Hello artists! Here is my submission for the Character Sculpting Contest 2022. Its a life size Demogorgon bust from the hit Netflix show Stranger Things. Included a Pepsi can in the photos for size reference. I was working on a budget so I used some bizarre methods to complete this project. The ingredients include Foam clay which I used to sculpt the torso and face with the help of a Styrofoam head, a lot of duct tape, PVC piping for its skeleton frame, half of a pillow, insulation foam, two pool noodles, a pair of skeleton hands, some cheerios boxes, some hot glue for the teeth (made 85 of em, dont know how many lasted) and all coated with some acrylic paints and a clear gloss sealant. Cant wait to have it displayed for Halloween! Thanks for checking it out!


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