Silicone and Crystal Clear

I’m having trouble figuring out whether or not I’d be able to spray my sculpture (and the silicone) with crystal clear. I’m currently doing a two-part mold, and the first half I had sprayed the sculpture with crystal clear and then poured the silicone. Now I’m on the other half and didn’t seal the other side of the sculpt with crystal clear yet, but the only problem is that the cured silicone is going to end up being sprayed too. Does crystal clear affect cured silicone? I’m going to be spraying silicone mold release after I seal it as well. Do I just skip the sealer and go straight to mold release? The silicone I’m using is Mold Star 30, and sculpture is baked super sculpey.


  • I don't personally work with super sculpey (though I want to), but I don't believe it needs to be sealed with crystal clear. Mold release alone should be fine.

    If you do want to spray the sculpt, I would just mask off the silicone so it does not get any crystal clear on it.  The crystal clear should not hurt the silicone, but it could create more of a mess and make applying the release more difficult.

    That said, these are just based on my own experience!

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