Student experiment : "Practical magic: The art of in-camera visual effects" - Joey Shanks

I didn't even make it halfway through the first examples of practical cosmos visuals without jumping to my feet, gathering the materials, and trying it for myself! I used a mixture of milk, colored ink, and dish soap. I found that simple PVA glue could be colored and used almost as planets, as it doesn't really move, and some gloss varnish here and there adds an interesting iridescence! I also found that a big drop of dish soap in the center of the color makes for a cool wormhole effect.
For lighting, i used a simple lamp to illuminate the dust particle stars, a blue LED light positioned underneath, and a small blacklight in some isolated spots. Due to what I had available, the glass was fairly close to the ground, so in some cases you can see the tables i used and the floor underneath, but with some photo editing it can be diminished! As for the camera, i just used my iphone! I experimented with positioning my phone close to it and using a macro lens attachment, as well as raising it and zooming in on the shot. I used my phone camera's 4k filming setting at 60fps. Me and my mom must have spent close to an hour just hovering over the camera and watching the colors move! Overall i'm pretty pleased with the results of my first experiment through the Stan Winston school! excited to do more.  
Photos have been slightly enhanced.


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