I have loved Otachi's design from the moment I saw it in Pacific Rim. Many years later, I finally was able to do it justice!

Originally hand sculpted using Sculptex modeling clay, I molded the form using Rebound 25 and cast in SmoothCast 300.
The crests were fabricated in EVA foam, then glued to the plastic head. The eyes were cast in clear resin.
Everything was given a first pass with a general airbrushing, then some hand painting in acrylic for the fine details.
The neck was sewn from two types of sheer fabric, with airbrushing to match.
The whole mask is worn like a hat, with vision out the front nostrils and neck area.

Creating this took quite a while, but I rediscovered my love of sculpting through the process. It turned out just as cool as I'd imagined!
Bonus picture of the Onibaba that my husband sculpted!


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