Punk Skull

Punk Skull is a original creation I designed.  I worked on him for a year after work & weekends.  He stands approximate 6+ feet tall on the table.   Sculpted out Styrofoam, epoxy clay, Antler, real cow skull, real Bull Horns with the wording etched "Never Surrender".  Real empty bullet shells lay around his feet as he wears a real handmade leather bandoleer.  Servo animation for the head turn designed with a "second Look" jerk in the head before it looks the other way.  The eyes are LED and programed to look around.   The bottom half of the table was later turned into a dog house design for my chihuahua with a sign saying "Beware of Hell Hound".  Here is a youtube video link with Punk Skull in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztENWiWR5vk


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