Halo 2 Elite - Flood Combat Form Bust

This bust is still very much a work in progress, but is nearing completion! Just needs some fine detailing/texturing and it'll be ready for molding. All pieces (the head, body, body armor, shoulder armor, and tendrils) were sculpted with Monster Clay. The head, body armor, shoulder armor and tendrils have been detailed, molded, and casted with Smoothcast 65D. The clay body sculpt is the last part that needs finishing/detailing. I 3d modeled the base in Meshmixer and 3d printed it on my CR-10 - a piece of the base broke so i incorporated some Flood spore growths, as seen in Halo 3, into the broken areas. The bust stands approximately 10inches tall. Original character design by Bungie studios.  
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    oooh so well done already! I never noticed that the necks of the elite flood combat form are twisted backwards like that. So cool!
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