B.B Hood - Darkstalkers: Vampire Savior sculpture

Here she is!!!! B.B Hood from Capcoms Darkstalkers: Vampire Savior! I have to admit I never played the game, but I really loved the juxtaposition of a little girl who slays monsters! In her basket she carries knives, bombs and guns to get the job done!
I used a lot of new techniques to achieve the drapery, some mixed media and entirely new paints that I'd never used before. She's sculpted in firm sculpey on a MrWhitecell Ana resin base and is the original sculpt! She's a one off.
I wanted to push myself, because my last piece was very static, more towards a dynamic action pose this time around. I knew with all the drapery undercuts I should hold of on the casting as she'll be a multi piece casting job.
Anyway here she is in all her glory!
My official entry into the Stan Winston Sculpture competition.

Thanks for looking! More work to follow on my Instagram: @whatchuptu

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