Henry J. Waternoose III

For my entry I’m proud to submit my sculpture of Mr Waternoose from the film Monsters, Inc. 
(all rights to this character belong to Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios). 

My maquette of Mr Waternoose will eventually be moulded and casted so I can paint him! I’m just waiting on the right materials. 
He’s made with monster clay with a tin foil base for the stomach, and aluminium wire in the arms and legs. He was a joy to make and my first ever attempt at sculpting a maquette- so he’s close to my heart! I wanted to feel like how it would if this was my job in the film industry (as that type of career is my dream), so I aimed to make it as identical to the design as possible. To aid the process I drew turnaround drawings of the character and planned out exact measurements that I would later copy when sculpting using a calliper for accuracy. 
I hope you guys like him!


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