What I am showing are two of my own original gorgonites that would be around the original 7 from the film small soldiers made by DreamWorks entertainment. The little blue one is haller and the other one is eyegore. Both are my very own original characters. Haller is a short tempered being who doesn't like his shortness and gets very annoyed when someone rests their hands on his hunch. Although he may be short his long arms help he climbs from trees from branch to branch his main weapon is a staff. Eyegore was built around the idea of what if a gorgonite came off the assembly line missing a few parts inside. His mind is incomplete. He is confused and scared about the world but when he calms down and takes his time he study's things. Not only his half of his mind missing but he's mute because of a lack of a voice box. I didn't include it in the picture but eyegore wears a black torn up robe to hide himself. Both where sculpted using different kinds of clay for haller I used miliput and eyegore was sculpted using das clay. 
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