Honest frog prince by the lake

Are you sure your friend dropped the golden ball into the lake?

Theme of the work: Integrating storiesIt is interesting to find the similarities between "The Frog Prince" and "The Honest Woodcutter", imagine when the Frog Prince goes to the lake to help the princess pick up the golden ball, in case Hermes asks, will the Frog Prince be able to Answer: Is it really a golden ball that fell into the lake?

Find a creative direction by dabbling in stories, and look for changes or beautification processes in cultural history. For example, the identity of the Greek main god ʽἙρμῆς who could have extradited the dead was beautified as the goddess of the lake?! It was also discovered that the frog prince had an iron-chested Henry servant?!

In the scene, two lake demons (undead in the dark world) help hold up the silver ball and the iron ballLet the frog prince have a chance to regret it~~

When drawing frog eyesImagine that the frog prince should be frightened and dodge at this time? Or strong but hesitant?

After the frog prince jumps into the lake, he finally finds the golden ball lost by the princessBut at this time Hermes in the lake just wanted to punish the greedy
Hermes is a clever fritter, a kind-hearted person, with a dark background and the main Greek god.

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