Make foam latex appliance from mask

I found a halloween mask in the store that looks "good enough" but it's the typical stiff mask that has no movement when you talk or try top express yourself.

Is it possible/worthwhile to try to take a cast of the mask and make foam latex appliances I can use for Halloween?

I'm trying to avoid spending hundreds of dollars on a quality silicone version of the mask. 


  • Since the mask is the creative work of another artist, making a mold off of it has some ethical concerns.   Beyond that, masks are not really designed in the same way appliances are, so trying to create molds and make appliances using the mask may be expensive and time-consuming while not yielding great results.

    My suggestion would be to get a head cast and then sculpt your own appliances on top of that and mold/cast those.  You can use the design of the mask for inspiration.  We have a lot of courses that cover designing, sculpting, casting, applying, and painting appliances that can help.

  • That's my goal for next year, but I could never pull it off for this Halloween & was looking for a shortcut.

    Thanks for the info, I'll definitely be subscribing soon. There's a ton of things here I'm interested in
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