My first entry Dragonball Z “ Cooler “

Hopefully I’m allowed to change my first entry, I don’t because I get no replies on my questions regarding rules, I didn’t see any rules against it.

working with what I have, unfortunately my monster clay is in storage :(


  • Hi Nick,

    Happy to answer any questions you have!  Where did you ask questions about the rules?  This is the only discussion post I see from you, and you've not posted any comments on the official rules post

    You can have as many as 3 entries in the contest, each as its own post, and you can continue to edit and update your entries (adding new pictures, adding more details, etc) until the contest has ended.

  • I e-mailed a message, that’s probably where I went wrong. So I couldn’t find my original entree I edited and made I re-did an entry. So one question I had, if I am unhappy with my first entry working with low budget clay, since my good stuff is in storage at the moment, am I allowed to start my first entry over as long as it’s the same thing?

    ps I’m dying to see how that guys TMNT “ Leatherhead “ costume comes out!
  • You can edit your entries as much as you like, and however you like, until the contest closes for judging.

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