Damon Variegatus.

"Living a [relatively] peaceful existence on the surface world amongst the Barbarians will not come easily after the repressive evils of the Underdark.  Should He ever learn the truth behind the slaughter of His family, I don't envy that person the rage and horrors of Damon Variegatus."
Based on a character I created for the role playing game 'Dungeons and Dragons,' "Damon Variegatus" as He has come to be known, is a Drow [Dark Elf] Barbarian.  Without going too in depth with the mythology, the Drow are a matriarchy who worship a demon spider goddess, and vie for societal position by eliminating entire bloodlines.  Damon Variegatus is a rare exception attempting to live free of the subterranean world The Drow call home.  A monster to the Humans.  An abomination to the Dark Elves.

Sculpted almost entirely in WED Clay [over armature wire, paper, tape, and plaster bandages].  The ax head, hand, and front teeth were sculpted in Monster Clay.  [Dowel, resin eyes and acrylic molars were also used.]  Maquette was sculpted in medium Chavant.

Finished product is Smoothcast300 Resin and FoamIt5, painted with acrylic ink.

Thank You for the opportunity.  

"You control The Clay, The Clay doesn't control You."  Have fun everybody.
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