Tragedy on the River - Mothman Sculpture

Original Mothman Design/Sculpture

For this sculpt, I wanted to create something interesting but relatively accurate to the eye witness accounts (taking artistic liberty where I could).

In some interviews, Mothman is described to appear almost "death like". I liked this overall theme, but I also wanted it to fit into the classic "Owl with a notch in its head" silhouette from the first eyewitness drawings that were done. To accomplish this, I decided it may be interesting if the wings actually attached to the top of his head. This way when the wings are opened, you would have the "V" notch shape in the silhouette. I decided to make the wings into arms with the hands embedded into the sides of his head.

For the head/face, I wanted to stick with a skull like image to go along with the eye witnesses accounts of him looking like "death". I figured a human skull would humanize him too much, so I based the face off of the skull marking on the back of the Death's-head hawkmoth. The marking has a resemblance to a human skull, but it is kind of twisted and inhuman at the same time. I figured it was on theme and would make a really interesting face.

There are red markings positioned on his shoulders. I put them about where the "red eyes" would have appeared in the silhouette from the eye witness drawings. I assumed that if these were hit with a flashlight or something, they could be mistaken for red eyes.

The body also actually has two torsos. The first one (attached to the legs) is a humanoid torso (shorter than human proportions). The arm-wings start from here from a set of human-esq pectorals. Where the neck should be on this torso, a second rib caged torso sprouts out leading to a second set of arms and the skeletal head.

The base that he is on is a replica of the debris of the Silver Bridge from Point Pleasant, WV.

Sculpted and dremmeled from ApoxieSculpt, with metal wire armature and wood.


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