The Mutant - character silicone prosthetic

The Mutant - A disgusting creature based on horror icons like The Thing, SLiTHER and The Blob.
This character makeup was done by me as my final SFX Diploma at Międzynarodowe Studium Dziewulskich. It was done with sculpted  silicone prosthetics and garage-made inflatable plastic suit (special thanks to SWSCA and Bill Bryan for amazing lessons on plastic monster fabrication). 

Design, Creation, Application: Kajetan Wójcik (ig: @czart_zly)
Application Assistant: Aleksandra Maksimczuk 
Model: Benedykt Tyszkiewicz
Photos: Michał Sobociński
Diploma Supervision: Michał Zabielski

Application Timelapse: https://youtu.be/RHNmYq-iqDo


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