Making a mechanical underskull on top of the sculpture?

I was watching part 1 of 'how to build an animatronic head's and wondered whether there was a way to make a mechanical underskull without the plaster bandaid head, could there be a way to directly add the fiberglass or maybe a less toxic material to the sculpt directly the same way you do for plaster molds? The main problem i think would just be taking the fiberglass off safely, what are techniques you could use?


  • Hi Morgan,

    One of the issues there is adding material on top of the sculpt will produce a larger object, and the underskull should fit inside the skin without stretching it too much.  

    Ideally, you would take the mold core used to produce the skin, and then make your underskull off a casting of it.  Either fiberglass or lightweight vacuum-formed plastic.

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