Veterans of this forum, I need your help

Hi, I've been interested in making cosplays using the mold and cast and method. I tried making a batman cosplay last year based on the recent Matt Reeves THE BATMAN 2022. I used EVA foam and I didnt even get to finish it. it was frustrating to cut foam by hand for each piece: I would like to reattemp it and possibly make other project in the future like Daredevil or Redhood using the 3d print the piece, make a mold and cast the new piece. My issue here is that I am a complete noob especially when it comes to the materials. I've heard some people mentioning polyurethane, silicone, resin, latex, fiber glass, or sometimes mention them but they call them "liquid", latex  foam and more. I was told by a user on reddit that I can learn all I need about molding & casting  in great details here. I looked over the different courses offered here and the theme seems to be monsters, aliens and other fictional creatures. I am completely confused now because I don't know which courses will give the required knowledge and skills for cosplay making since they all feature monsters faces while I want to make helmets, cowls and body armors. In order to give you guys more precision of what it is that I want to do, take a look at this instgram page :https://www.instagram.com/dacos_fx/ look at "The batman" and "arkham kinght" highlights
heres another one: https://www.instagram.com/do_you_even_cosplay/ look at the "body armor" highlight
I wanna do exactly that. So veterans of this forum, what courses over here will help me achieve my goal of going over the materials to learn what to pick for my projects and the overrall process of cast and mold? 


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