Safe mold making material options?

I was watching 'how to make a monster puppet' and i ended up a bit stumped at the moldmaking parts because right now i can only work in my bedroom, so i cant buy fiberglass. This is not ideal and i don't expect professional results, but are there moldmaking materials that are nontoxic enough that they could be used inside your house?


  • One option would be to make stone molds, like Ultracal 30.   You could also make silicone molds with a stone mother mold.  If you only need one casting, alginate with a plaster bandage mother mold is another non-toxic option.  And for some applications, you can do a brush-on silicone "glove mold" or a silicone box mold.  It all depends on the type of object you need to cast, how many castings you need, what material you want to cast in, etc.

    While these options are safer, they are still messy, so working in a bedroom may still pose a challenge.  And even with safer materials like Ultracal 30, you would still want a respirator or mask while working with the powder, especially in an enclosed space. 

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