Former helicopter mechanic, auto mechanic avionic tech and now Network Infrastructure installer ...

I have always loved the Anumatronics part of Hollywood. I also have a pretty good imagination. The other night I was reading about the Paleocene Eocene Erra and said to my wife, I said to her if she was in Bellingham Washington jumped into a Time machine and Roll back 55 million years ago and came to a stop you might see tropical palm fronds around the area. Also, the machine needed a break and so you shut it down. But then You hear a crack of a branch behind a wall of bushes some 50 feet away. Your time machine is resting on a dirt known and there is swamp on each side of the Time Machine. Then you hear a splash then another splash and a ancient
Dyanatrol is now in view. Your eyes go wide open you panic. You jump back in and its moving at you at 15 mph. You are now starting the Time Machine ...but is it to late to blast off into another time before being attacked by the Dyanatrol? It is closing in splashing water every time its large feet hit the water. It is now just about 10 feet and about to jump. A Alligator jumps out of the water grabs it by the neck and pulls it down. You are now saved!
That is what it was like 55 million years ago at the US/Canadian border. Co2 was climbing and global tempatures were rising and all tropical species are moving north to survive in the Arctic "species had plenty of time, like on the order of 5-10,000 years"
I have thought about making that into a 3D animation but have no skill in softimage or 3dsmax.
But also, Animatronics could also do it! I really should have perused my passion when I left the service but the Internet was not around and did not know about Stan Winston Studios. The other question is, is there a age limit to work in this industry? What are the hours? Im no young buck anymore. I have a STRONG mechanical mind but ...the body does not take to cars anymore. I can work in a very complex Wiring data Closet and troubleshooting almost anything that is network elated but...the sad thing is its last 2-3 hours at most. I have strong diagnostic skills.
What are the wages like in this industry? Union or Non Union?
Thanks much!
JollyGreengiant :)


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    There are no age restrictions to work in effects.  The hours would depend on the job/company and could range from a regular 9 to 5 to much longer days if the company, project, deadline, or workload requires it.  Longer days are not uncommon.  Wages will also vary based on the company, role, etc.  Some shops are union (IATSE Local 44, for example), and others are not.  

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