Making stop motion/'little by little motion' rigs?

I wanted to try and make a rig for stopmotion following along with animatronics tutorials, but the main worry I had was finding materials and making a rig that moves little by little when moved by a remote or by hand, rather than one swift motion with a joystick. I'm still trying to learn the basics of servos and controls, but are there servos that are made for movement in increments?


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    The precision required for stop-motion makes working with servos difficult unless you are controlling simpler movements.  There are digital servos like dynamixel servo that have feedback for their absolute position, which can give you more precise control if paired with a microcontroller, but that is a bit more advanced.

    With a microcontroller and a potentiometer you can control a regular servo to move small amounts, and if you use gears, belts, etc. you can reduce the motion further for more precision.  

    I would only use a servo in stop-motion if there was absolutely no other way to get that movement.

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