Latex Paste Thickener

Ok, So I was looking for an alternative to thicken latex for a prosthetic for a Halloween costume, because I didn't get the right results to make MASK LATEX thicker to a paste consistency, when I do manage to find a way to do it, it's either it would mold via a flour and latex mixture, or there would be a weak acid mixture and I would be concerned about the latex being harmful to my skin to the touch when it would dry. is there ANY type of technique that the special effect industry uses that I could try without the use of foam latex, as well? I am completely lost. Can someone help? Thank you! :smile:


  • There is a product called cabosil that you can use to thicken things like latex or prosthetic adhesives.  Just be sure and wear a respirator while using it, as the light powder can easily become airborne and is not good to breathe.

    Be cautious how much you add, as adding thickeners to many materials will weaken them, and elastic materials can lose elasticity and become more prone to tearing.

    As an alternative, you can slowly build up multiple layers to produce thicker latex pieces

  • I was familiar with cabosil as a latex mold thickener, but never did I think it would be safe on skin. Thanks for your help. :smile: 
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