Molding Large-Scale Sculptures Help

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I was hoping someone would have some insight on what I'd be able to use to make a mold of a dinosaur head. I don't have any finished pictures yet to show, but the sculpture head is still in its detailing phase and is 31 inches long and 17-18 inches wide. I'm using WED clay and the support structure consists of steel hollow poles with a very strong metal pole holding the head up. I've thought about using Hydrocal to mold it as I've done a couple of molds with that material, but the weight would just be insane. I'm estimating the head of the sculpture is currently 500-700 pounds, and my only worry with molding in Hydrocal would be that the support structures wouldn't be able to handle any excess weight. So my main question is, are there any alternate molding materials that would be able to mold something as large as this? I've thought about fiberglass, but don't know how to go about getting those materials. Sort of unwilling to splurge on materials for a mold, but would greatly appreciate recommendations nonetheless.

A visual estimate for the dinosaur head size would probably be a bit smaller than a JP rex's. I plan to cast it in regular mask latex.
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