Which plaster should I use ? + mold advice

Hi everybody !

I made a previous post about a sculpture that I made, I would like to cast it and get like a stone result (like disney showcase collection)

At first, I thought I would use PU resin + stone powder called Urefil :)

I will make some test with that mix, but I was also thinking about a strong plaster.

Do anybody know what kind of plaster maybe the best ? I have thin part on the sculpture and I am afraid that it would be too fragile :/ 

Do you think Ultracal can be used to make cast, or is it only recommended to make mold ?

Also, I am looking for some advices to make the mold.

I was thinking about a two part mold, but I will probably end up doing many many cast, in short time, so I don't have that much time working on cast (like removing edges and stuff)

So I think I will make a one part mold, like a silicone sock mold (I absoluetly am not sure about the right term in english sorry 😅), and a plaster shell, I will show you some pictures of the sculpture for you to see if it is adapted.

Of course, the sword and torch will be casted separately.

Sorry for the long post, and thank you for your help guys ! 😁


  • Is your sword removable ?
    That overhang will make it difficult to mold or cast. (not TOO difficult but if its removable its way easier.
    A sock mold , then casting in 57D or 45d from smooth on with urefill would result in a tough cast that has strength in the thin parts. Just my two cents.
  • Hello, thank you for your help :) 

    Yes the sword is removable, this is why I thought the sock mold would be adapted, according to the general shape :) 

    I'll see for the resin you recommanded 

    Thank you again !
  • Casting it in plaster or Ultracal might be a bit too fragile, but it's possible.  You could also use a harder dental stone for the outer shell, then use Ultracal for the filler, as going 100% dental stone would be expensive. 

    You could also try a fireable stone/porcelain if you have access to a kiln.

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