Producing a successful mould

Hi, I have done two sculpts, both followed but a failed attempt at my mould. Learning from the last once, I was able to produce a cleaner mould, however the second sculpt has sealed shut and cannot open it. I am looking for tips and secrets to producing a clean mould wall, as well as other factors.

1. What makes for the perfect environment for a successful mould? 

2. What are other issues folks seem to face?

3. How can I get both sides to not seal together so they can still be removed from each other without ruining the mould?

- The issues I have faced appear to be: bubbles in the wall, producing a weak wall, Edges are messy and "stringy" from the burlap so I tried to fold the burlap the second round to have cleaner edges which seemed to work, Sprayed the wall with dulling spray but still both sides of the mould sealed and cant pry them apart. 


  • Hi Jasper,

    Some aspects of a successful stone mold are:  Clean smooth surfaces, well-defined and laid out keys, proper pry points, good reinforcement, proper thickness, and a flat spot to help it sit properly.  But a lot more goes into making a successful mold, so I suggest doing lots of homework.

    To keep the sides from sealing together you'll want something more substantial than dulling spray.  Dulling spray can be used on top of crystal clear sealed clay to prevent the stone from fish eyeing, but not to keep stone from adhering to stone.

    I would suggest carefully and thoroughly brushing on a couple of layers of Johnson's paste wax on any stone surface of the first mold half that will come into contact with the stone on your second mold half.

    These lessons are a good starting point:

    The second link has a chapter called "Releasing the Wall" that should help you out.

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