Looking to hire a puppeteer!

Looking to hire a puppeteer for a film shooting in mid-late June in the Los Angeles area!
Hey all, I've been building a talking bed puppet in my garage for a few months, I'm looking to hire someone to help operate the puppet on set and help make some tweaks and adjustments.
Rough Bed Test (Blanket isn’t fitted correctly)
Face Test & Rod Examples of Flying Sheet arms and Sheet flap
Looking for a great puppet brain and someone who would be passionate about a potential collaboration! Shoot me a msg lemme know what kind of rate you think would be fair and I can fire over a script and other details!
I have a new version of the bed that uses a bendy foam so we can manipulate the bed more from below with rods. All the rods will be painted out in post production by myself.
An actor will be in the pillow head and will operate the arms. There are rods that move the blankets and rods that will move the corners of the bed.
The face is tracked and animated onto the pillow head in post. Anything can be adjusted with your input. Parts of this are still being adjusted and changed. I have a few friends that will be able to assist you with operating different rods, but I would want your experience leading us.
Thank you! If interested shoot an email to: docricework@gmail.com

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