Matterial suggestion and guidance

Hi sorry I could not mind a forum to put this question Into but maybe I'm blind sorry if I missed it!  

This is my first time on here so here is my question as a complete beginner figuring out this amazing stuff. 
I am trying to make lilith from diablo 4 for a cosplay competition and my own ppl assign for knowable and I would love to know what matterial is best used for such a prosthetic 

If I should do the grown of horns in foam latex or just make them out of  Eva foam or something and not cast them (concerned about weight and the fact I don't have a 2nd oven outside the home to bake the foam latex) 

The other parts are:
 forehead piece king Bridge of nose horns 
Side burn horns and a back piece I'm thinking of having that attach to the dress in some way and just blend it into my skin maybe? 

I know the basic process for what is expected : 
Put clay on head replica I have  and sculpt the things one at a time ( the forehead and side burns could maybe be on one mold) ?
Put something on clay to help it cast detail maybe 
Put casting matterial on 1 half of the model  then do the other side (only if doing crown of horns) 
Clean mold and head cast of clay once dry 
Apply mold release to mold 
Poor in matterial - not sure which one 
Put head replica in  sandwich the mold if head cast if not then just go into strapping it together 
Carefully remove mold and clean up prosthetic 


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    Such a cool-looking character, I can see why you want to make it as a makeup!

    With the crown of thorns being so large weight is for sure a concern.  I might try a low-density 2-part expanding polyfoam for that.  There are some formulas that are self-skinning so you get a good surface on them as well.  Then you'll need to figure out where the foam horns end and the face prosthetic (I would go with silicone) starts.  It looks like the shapes create some good lines that could be used to figure out where the two pieces join up.

    Very beautiful, and challenging design!

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    Thank you so much for your yr reply! Funny enough I was just looking at the brand smooth on for their foam it product of cashable self skinning foam urithajn  stuff  glad I'm on the right track! 
    Thanks for the suggestion if silicone  for the face pieces 

    Can you suggest the best starting video on sculpting or is there a particular silicone video that are a must watch?  (Realizing I have the wrong clay for this  just have a craft smart natural water based clay 
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    For silicone prosthetics, our hag character makeup series with Bruce Spaulding Fuller covers a lot, and it also includes sculpting:

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