PIRAHNA 3D/3DD sculpt..

OK i did drop a hint of starting a fish sculpting. Only thing is i wasn't sure i would be 100% successful at the accuracy of it...(as an artist i can get in my own head and doubt myself to no end)

So here's -a peek after a day of blocking out the general body shape and i think i am going to take Chris's advice of the milk carton thing and cut out fin shapes with that...the clay i am using ( Monster Clay) is a little soft ( medium) and my attempts at making thin gauzy fin skin is failing LOL..

Even though i am going back to my hobby taxidermy roots for this one  I want to change it up a bit and put my own spin on it..I personally do not like the tail design from the film


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    Sculpt is looking good!  I find a set of calipers really helps when trying to match a reference to insure the same spacing between features.

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