Perma Wet vs Flex Gloss

Hey everyone which is shinier perma wet or flex gloss off the monster makers website? I’ve used perma wet before and even after multiple coats it’s not high gloss. If none of these two thing mentioned is shiny enough what would you recommend for masks and body parts? 

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    I've not had the opportunity to work with either of these.   I normally just use Liquitex high gloss varnish as it's pretty flexible and holds a good shine for years.  Though depending on your application your results may vary.

    That said, I know a lot of folks that use perma wet with good results, so I wonder if it was an application issue, reaction to other materials, or perhaps a bad batch.  I know it can have reactions if frozen, which they mention on their site.



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    Hey thanks Chris! I’ll give that a shot. Appreciate the response. I was working on a budget but I am going to try out all three glosses anyway and see what works best for my result desired. 
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    To be honest Perma Wet is indeed shinier...but oddly enough i use Flex Seal to seal all my latex pieces.. I quit mixing latex with paints long ago...and just paint and seal..

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