Advice on molding a latex mask

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Hi, I recently just finished my first wed clay mask and I'm about to mold him, but I'm not sure about the teeth. Should I back them more or sculpt the bottom teeth differently? Or do you think I can get away with it? I'm just worried it might cast weird or have bubbles. Also, can I use WED clay for laying the clay wall? Thank you!

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    Hi Ashley,

    Teeth are always a challenge with latex masks, as they can trap air bubbles or make demolding difficult.

    From what I can see in the pictures your teeth look like they should work well.  They don't appear to have too major of an undercut and they have some good drafting.

    Beautiful sculpt and character design!

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    Hi Ashley, you make the clay wall with EM 210 white clay. And the mold with white hydrocal plaster. If you mold the back half of your sculpture first you can lay it on table so that when you mold the front of your sculpture you can brush plaster into your teeth and details of your mask. The Stan Winston School has a lesson on mask making by  Tim Martin.
    Hope this helps. Sean 
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