Must see shops in SoCal?

Hey All,

I live up in Northern California, but in a week I'll be on spring break, and will be visiting SoCal (LA and San Diego, etc.) to visit friends, etc.

Do you have any suggestions for shops, supply stores, beauty supply places I should visit, just to poke around and maybe buy some hard to get supplies? My interests are mostly in relatively small sculpts, molding them in ultracal or silicone, casting positives in gelatine and encapsulated silicone, to develop small appliances and cosplay type makeups. 

(I'm an astrobiology college prof, and my students love when I come to class as an alien.)

Thanks for any suggestions you might have!




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    Answering my own question (!), I ended up visiting Burmans, Frends, and Naimies. After Burmans and Frends, Naimies was a little unnecessary.

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