Silicone 1/2 mask and mesh??

Wondering if it is advisable to use mesh fabric in "reinforcing" silicone for a 1/2 mask....my thought is i would be wasting alot of mesh sock by having to cut 1/2 of it away each time i made one of these.. as it stands now i will have an adjustable Velcro strap embedded in the back...i have enclosed some closeup shots to show how thick it is.. Using Dragon skin Medium for these so i find the durability in itself seems pretty strong but not sure in the general wear and tear department how long the silicone will "hold up" These will be used for everything between basic cosplaying to Haunt attractions and fan films.


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    I would just use some power mesh in any place this is going to stretch where tearing could occur.  So for a half mask with straps, that would be where the straps attach.  Would not hurt to have a bit around the eyes or mouth though.

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    Appreciate that Chris..just found out i do not need to use the mesh as an entire sock but can cut it into strips to use for reinforsment

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