Can Silicone be glued to Styrofoam?

It's a legitimate question, for a friend. They have a silicone face cast (to the ears I'm told) with little to no flashing beyond that. They would like to attach the face directly to one of those bead foam heads people keep wigs on. Permanent adhesion is fine if not preferred. 
I'm doing a couple of tests now, but I don't have what I think could work on hand. Labwork isn't my specialty unfortunately.  Any insight would be appreciated.  If it's just not worth the effort, just let me know. I have some other ideas that could accomplish the same end goal. But wanted to see if silicone to Styrofoam was a possibility. 



  • A silicone adhesive should work.  It would be forming a mechanical bond with the styrofoam, so roughing the surface a bit would help.

  • Thank you Chris!  Ill recommend Smoothon Sil-poxy then.
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