Making a Silicone mask with embeds

Hello everyone, I'm going to try my hand at making a mask after watching the silicone mask tutorial. I'm comfortable with everything I saw and have a life cast of my own head to use for a core mold. I'm here to ask about the horns I plan on casting separately in a hard medium (if that's not a good idea let me know).

My idea was to do the sculpt in clay around the mockup horns, remove the horns, cast the mask, and then insert the horns in the finished silicone mask. What's the best way to get this mask done, and how do I affix the horns in place after the mask is cast. The character is here. KISS From JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.


  • The process you outlined sounds good.  I'd try and make the horns as light as possible.  One option would be to rotocast them so they are just thin plastic shells and backfill them with expanding foam if you want some extra durability (at a cost of a little extra weight)

    To keep them all in alignment you may want to have a solid plate under the mask that they can socket into, otherwise, they may want to flex and move the silicone base.  That cap could be a thin vacuum-formed layer, or even thin resin and fiberglass. 

    To attach them you could also use magnets, so if they get bumped they will fold over and detach rather than snap off.

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