Can this be cast?

Hi all!

This is my first time jumping in the forums, forgive me if I'm "doing it wrong". :-p 

I'm still blocking in my second only ever sculpture and I'm working on an idea for a different kind of ear form which would eventually (hopefully) look like it's constructed out of a series of membrane walls, but before I put too much more work into it I couldn't help but wonder if I'm screwing myself over with these holes and trying to cast it. Is this undercut hell? Should I back off and go for something more traditionally ear-like? Any and all comments, suggestions, critiques are welcome. 


  • potentially extremely annoying. if those holes go all the way through a two piece mold split vertically would be a pain but not impossible. if the holes don't go all the way through i don't see any major difficulties off the top of my head. for a more accurate review more photos would be needed.
  • dust it down with a ton baby powder and bobs your uncle it'll be a pain to remove and potentially the holes will be fairly delicate. itd be easier to fill the holes and make them more like indents. personally id fill the holes and put led's inside to give the illusion of subsurface scattering like the effect on light on ears. plus with led's you could change the color which is always nice.

  • Thanks for the input James! The holes don't go all the way though, I really didn't want them to as that would be a heinous disaster I'm sure. You reminded me that I forgot to include a photo or two of where I was envisioning the seam to be. While SOMEday I will probably tinker with adding LEDs, I'm so not there just yet! But your suggestion to fill them in got me to thinking I could always fill them so they're not as deep and if I need to, hog them out after the mask has been cast. Or I might do something else entirely. That's why it looks so rough yet, I keep changing it up.  :-p 
  • I just thought I'd toss in a little progress on the ears, they're much closer to my vision for them now that I feel more confident about spending the time on them without worrying as much if I can still make a functional cast. So much more work to do overall though, but I'm having fun!

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    As James mentioned, the holes should not be too much of a concern.  If your design allows for it you can also draft them slightly so the walls taper as they get deeper, which can help with demolding.   

    What do you plan on casting the final piece out of? 

  • Hi Chris and thanks!

    As far as the final piece goes, I'm just starting with a two part Hydrocal mold and a basic latex halloween style mask. I'm just not ready, skilled or experienced enough for anything of higher caliber yet.  :-p 
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