Alternative to prosaide/super solve?


So, my test model (the missus) feels she's having some skin irritation from Super Solv. I'm using the Super Solv to remove prosaide, which I'm using as an adhesive for gelatin and silicone appliances.

I'm thinking about trying Betabond as an adhesive, followed by Beta Solv. Sound like a good plan B? Or should I try Isopropyl myristate with the Prosaide?


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    Isopropyl myristate is a good option as a remover. Hopefully she does not have any reaction to that.

    Sometimes the irritation can happen just from the removal process regardless of what solvent is used, so it's important to take good care of the skin.  One option is to use something like derma shield or another barrier cream as a barrier between the skin and adhesives to help protect the skin.  Moisturizing after removal is also a good idea.

    It may be worth testing some super solv on its own to see if there is any reaction, just so you can best understand what part of the process her skin is reacting to so she can be better protected.

    Betabond is a good adhesive alternative.

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    Thanks Chris, 

    I'll be trying all the above. I appreciate the suggestions. Happily, I had just ordered betabond as well!

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