Turtle girl scout

 This creation was inspired by the two words "eco-advocate" and "turtle". The concept is to combine two random words in order to create a cohesive look. 
 I found this system of inspiration creation when I'd hit a dry spell in my idea well. The concept forces possibly opposing characters to co-exist. However here it would make sense for a turtle to want to advocate for the earth. This turtle also shows it's support for the ongoing struggles by wearing a sunflower representation in place of it's badges.

I am the creator/painter/model/and photographer of this creature. Not having a bald cap I used school glue, plastic wrap, and Mehron liquid latex to make a bald cap. Then using Mehron paradise aquacolor and Madeyewlook water activated paints I created this piece on myself. The total time for this was 6 hours with stretching breaks and designing. 

I'd like to add thank you, in the short time I've been studying with you I've learned so much. This is the best creature I've ever created and I owe it all to you. Thank you. 


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