This character was created for a short film called "Monsters"

Character Desciption:
“The succubus is the nightmarish embodiment of hero Dante’s struggle with lust and loyalty. She represents everything he desires and how he feels about them.”

Materials and process: 
I created several flat latex stipple pieces (2-3 layers) that I attached like a corsage to the actress' torso. I also added several other stops throughout her upper body and arms of latex stipple. I body painted veins with EBA Red and Pro Air Warm Flesh.  On top of the latex, I added pre-made gelatin (BGE gelatin clear) puss drops. Over the gelatin puss, I added two additional layers of latex and then ripped the latex open to make the puss look like it is bursting through the skin. I added more red and yellow colors with Mehron bruise wheel grease paints along the torn latex skin and gelatin puss. Then I added KY and Kryolan scab blood to the puss areas. I covered the actress' entire torso with Ultra Slime and added mouth stain in purple. 

Director/Writer: Damian King (
Actress: Parker Lauren (
Makeup Artist: Tatjana Bluchel ( (me ;-)
Assistant: Jessica Allen (


  • I think what works so well with this is that it does invoke an emotional response. The pustules, slime (especially in the hair) and underlying purple bruising really make this feel alive and disgusting. Nice.
  • Grossssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Its like you took all the stds in the world and created a person that embodies them! It's too effective!
  • Sickening! The translucent boils and peeling skin make me feel super uneasy. Love the tones of purple too!
  • Ewwwww!!!! Awesome!!
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