Fish-Insect-Monster - Character Makeup Contest 2022

Hello everyone. My name is Pia, I am from Berlin, Germany. (Instagram: @piadoescreativestuff)
I am currently participating in several film projects to receive more experience as a makeup artist/sfx makeup artist and since a few months I devour one online lesson after the other here at Stan Winston and really enjoy learning.
I had a free day today and thought, I will give this contest a try :)
The monster is made out of two paperweights (the eyes), some cotton, lots of latex, a bit of paper (background of the eyes) and some water-based makeup.  My intention was to change the human facial features of my model when it comes to the eyes. The model can still see through the slots in the front of the head and can also breathe through the nose and mouth. The mouth is able to be opened and moves while talking. 
Thank you for making this possible.

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