Predatory mermaid

Hi, I am a makeup artist and sfx artist. This image was completely invented and created by me from design, modeling, molding and work on the set: work with hair, makeup, body art and prostheses. This is my creative project for which I made prosthetic parts: ears, forehead, nipple, nose,webbing between the fingers, ridges on the arms and shoulders, as well as gills on the ribs. All parts are made with encapsulated silicone gel. The body is painted with airbrushing, spray and sponge. False nails were also made of PET.

My INSTA- https://www.instagram.com/edhel_sfx/

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    Since I can't attach a video,I leave a link to the post where the last image is a video where all the makeup is visible in large
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    My application was left on March 21 at 23:33 Moscow time, I hope that my application will be considered/
    I also hope the current political situation will not affect the assessment of my creativity in any way, since creativity is outside politics. Peace  <3 

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