The Boogeyman

I wanted to personify insomnia in the form of the Boogeyman and I imagined that a creature that lives under the bed would probably be bioluminescent, so I mixed my own black light reactive pax paint and used the Fx Faces Sinister foam latex face prosthetic, and the mostly dead Gremlin ears. I also took some cheap halloween finger extentions and created creepy hands that look like they have the souls of the Boogeyman's victims trapped in them, ala Nightmare on Elm street dream warriors.  Also for this creature I had to flatten my chest with a binder , and a cheap foam man's chest and abs for a  manlier shape underneath a badass uv reactive bodysuit by Badinka.  I also used the dental distortions Pennywise dental veneers.  You can see the Boogeyman in action in my music video here:  

I am also the singer of this band :) This is my first time doing a full face prosthetic and applying so many appliances on myself!

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