2022 Character Makeup Contest - "Ch the EXTRAterrestrial"

“Ch" is a very mischievous alien who made its rounds in the late 80’s pretending to be an extra on various sci-fi sets. 
Seen here in polaroid continuity shots hamming it up for the camera. 
Ch was eventually caught and took their last glamour shot for the police cameras.
Ch is now an urban legend who has garnered cult status because of the older teamsters who reminisce about it to the up and comers.

Makeup Breakdown:
Encapsulated silicone appliances on face, latex ears, airbrush paint, contact lenses, ultra slime, tooth paint, and a lot of gafquat.
All makeup and hair applied by Marlena von Kazmier. https://www.marlenavonkazmier.com
Concept by Marlena von Kazmier & Piper Ellis 
Photos by Piper Ellis https://www.piper-ellis.com/media

Post edited by Marlena von Kazmier on
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