Greta Gremlin

I decided I wanted to create a Greta the Gremlin makeup. I chose her wedding dress look from the end of Gremlins 2.
 I knew it would be a challenge since a quality pre-made piece for her doesn’t exist (at least not that I could find). Since I don’t have a proper shop space. I used 5 separate foam latex prosthetic pieces from different companies (listed below) to create the face.
One of the biggest challenges was finding pieces that would work together.
I sculpted the ears using Foam Clay and painted airbrushed them with alcohol paints.

This was a self application.
I used a partial bald cap to recede the hairline for proper wig placement.
I used a bandit piece by DYAD FX
Nose Prosthetic by Rubberwear
Jawline Prosthetics by Rubberwear
Lips and mouth extension by RBFX
Small horns I sculpted with Foam Clay
Veil and Hairpiece made by me as well

Makeup used was a combination of PAX, RMGP, Water based cake makeup, Alcohol paints
Applied by hand as well as airbrush.

She was a hard one to pull off but  I’m happy with how she came out :)



Photos by: Omar Solis


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