Earth Nymph

Hi, I'm chiara, I'm from rome and I'm 22 years old. For this project, the idea was to create a fantasy character representing the earth element, having as reference the dragonflies, an animal symbol of rebirth but also of attachment to the earth.
I decided to give life to a divinity, the mother of flora and fauna, almost as if she too was born from a lake, but with elegant and regal features. A form of metamorphosis that unites the human being with the animal world. 
For this project, I was able to combine the world of makeup with that of stage design, and I created the prostheses and makeup, but also the stage design. I sculpted the rocks from blocks of polystyrene, which I then painted. Together with my green designer colleague Flaminia (@amorvincitomnia.design) we recreated the green part of the lagoon. 
For the prosthetic make-up, I sculpted the prostheses on the model's mould and then replicated them in encapsulated silicone, which I coloured during application with alcohol-based paints. 
The photos were taken by @elenaprosdocimo and @falascapaolo, and the model is @petitewong

I hope you enjoy it, thank you 


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