The Factory of Agony – The Creature

Hello everyone, my name is Giulia and I am an Italian freelance makeup artist based in Bologna. I was always been very passionate about special make-up and from last year I have had the opportunity to work like trainee in some important Italian workshops for various projects.

One of my favorite hobbies is performing the characters created to improve my sfx make up skills during some themed events. Today for the contest I would like to propose to you one of these latest creatures.

Here my personal interpretation of Doctor Frankenstein’s Creature. This is my first full silicone mask made from the design to the coloring by myself. I’ve done after I have seen the course “Silicone Mask Making” held by the amazing Immortal Mask’s team in my free trial week at Stan Winston School. I sculpted the Creature in Medium Monster Clay and I did a 2 part epoxy and fiberglass mold. After the de-molding phases, I added the bleeder holes on the mold and a pour spout for pouring the 030 platgel silicone. Before that, I glued on the core a lycra power mash that helps to preserve the mask from possible tears. After trimming and seaming, I painted the mask with Psycho Paint system only by brushes. To create more suspense during the performance, I’ve made a resin mask used to cover the Creature face. I used to take it off suddenly, showing what really was underneath. This mask remained fixed to the face by a system of magnets. I sculpted this piece on a plaster core of my face. After that, I made a mold with layers of silicone and plaster bandages. Jamie Grove’s lesson “Metallic Painting Techniques” and the tips of my colleague, Lorenzo, were so precious for the coloring of the mask. The design of the costume is inspired by Marylin Manson’s music video Tourniquet. For the first time I used worbla material and for this occasion I made a helmet and a corset belt. My workmate Maxx helped me to realize legs and arms braces. He also had performed with me in the role of the Doctor wearing his own made old man silicone mask.

I really hope you appreciate and consider my application,

My best regards,


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